About Us

Knowledgeable Home Inspection Expert

Home Inspector providing information to potential homeowner.

With over 40 years in the building construction industry, we bring to our home inspections a huge knowledge base covering new and existing structures.

We Notice the Little Things

Home Inspector checking over pipes during home inspection.

We do not rush through our inspections. We allow ample time to observe and evaluate conditions. Most home inspections require at least 4 hours.

Be Confident In Your Property Transaction

Homeowners discussing their home inspection.

We work for you the client. We will use our years of experience, knowledge and skills to locate and report issues that will guide your decision making.

Our Services

Homeowners moving in after having a positive home inspection.

Combining human observation and the latest technology, our home inspections seek out those issues that could be costly. Comprehensive Building Inspections gives you the information that allows you to make a well informed decision. Providing you the peace of mind you deserve when purchasing a home.

Drone roof footage during home inspection.

Utilizing the latest technology, there is no area we cannot inspect.

Thermographic imaging for home inspection.

Offering  thermography imaging we can detect issues that others cannot see with the naked eye.


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